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Jan 4, 2016


India salutes the Seven Martyrs for not Just saving Billions of Dollars worth of Mig Fighters and MI Assault Helicopters.. but they sacrificed their very precious life in saving the Pride of our country... No amount of words would suffice their Valor and Sacrifice. 

 Out of 7 Martyrs 5 of them from DSC comprising from retired Police and Ex-Servicemen with no regular training and on the wrong side of their age. One from the NSG  Lt.Col Niranjan Kumar and One from the Elite Garud Commando Gursevak Singh..

  • We had an head start of more than 24 hours as an Advance Intel decoded by NTRO even before the breach in the International Border.
  • With so much of Arms, Shoulder Mortars it would be difficult to cross the border undetected.
  • Punjab BSF has never been so efficient in the last few years with tons of Drugs finding its way to Punjab with ease, proves they were either complicit or they were compromised.
  • Possibility > that so much of huge cache of Arms were smuggled in prior to the breaching of International Border.. probably Arms smuggled across thru the drug and fake currency conduit.
  • Terrorists hid inside the drainage of the Airbase.. indicating they had clear Intel on the Airbase from within
  • Floodlights manning the Periphery were focused upwards? very Odd and direlection of duty added to it to other floodlights were switched off.
  • One of the Car used by one team was that of an SP of Punjab Police Salwinder Singh, though he had complained on his Carjacking , he has a lot to answer on why he along with his friend and cook ventured at odd hours near the IB for a hike? he is also known to be living a lavish life beyond his earnings.
  • Gurdaspur SP Salwinder Singh claimed that he was relived of his car and one of his mobile which was used to make call to Pakistan and so unbelievable terrorist left him with his second mobile.. what a story.. also reports suggests he could have been honey trapped.
  • The 2nd car theory was resolved > Taxi Driver who got a late night pick up call lied to his wife on the pick up. He did receive a call in Odd hours from Pakistan who was later found to be dead
  • Taxi Driver who received the call was killed.. and the SP > Salwinder Singh, his cook and his friend were let off .. Surprise Surprise
  • Were the Terrorist were so humane when it came to SP and his company? 
  • The Whole Episode of SP Salwinder Singh is so fishy.. he should have either been behind bars or atleast under investigation.. but he keeps running after TV channels giving sound bites.
  • Going by the available news and experts views there were many procedural lapses and Ill timed co-ordination.
  • Army which has Smart Maneuvering IED detector are usually deployed to sanitize the dead terrorist before retrieving the body.. however that was not the case resulting in one Casualty and 10 or more Injured.
  • The latest news that the Suspicious SP has been summoned by the NIA and a possible Narco analysis is awaiting.
Despite the Advance Intel and the real time Intel there seems to be lack of coordination between NSA,NSG,BSF and Elite forces .. So what we need now is One Central command headed by Special Ops in Crisis time comprising  Para,Garud and Marcos who are highly trained for all kind of Ops and are equivalent to the Navy seal. And that Special Command has to be headed by High Ranking Armed Official. 

The above is not out of the box thinking .. Its a part of a clause in the proposed NCTC by the then UPA Govt which was well appreciated by the then Opposition BJP. NCTC is a renamed version of CTC formulated by ABV.. alas both never found the day of the light.

With Centralized command Centre with Centralized Intelligence sharing in real time we could do wonders in countering the everlasting terrorism.. Wish after NATGRID NDA renews its efforts in reinventing NCTC /CTC for much safer India.

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