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Aug 20, 2016

Air force to fully operationalise seven ALGs in Arunachal

 IAF Sukhoi-30 MKI takes off during a mock drill at Agartala airport
Very clear signs of Indian Airforce strengthening the North East Indian borders at a rapid pace, nearly more than 4 decades it was the firt time the "Agartala" airport was used to land "Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter". Agartala called as China Border so close that a Flight at a speed of 500 miles/hr would cross into China in less than 1 minute,,phew so close..and much closer to Bangladesh border just 2-5 kms away, so why this excercise?. IAF is preping up all Airports (Includes   Commercial ) for swift landing of all variety of fighters and Military transport Planes for "Test of Readiness" along the NE states. Read below the various ALG that are Operational. This Particular "Check Perfect" of the Shukhoi took off from "Tezpur " (Assam) Airbase and landed in Agartala Airport runway with IAF supervising the Authorities of the Airport on their Preparedness to receive the Fighter with all Emergency measures & Counter measures in place including receiving the Transport planes.       

ALG Aerial View-Pasighat

Comes close to the heels of India setting up Indian Air Force Base in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh (AP) one of the Seven "Advanced Landing Ground" (ALG) . It was long over due to counter Chinese Intermittent transgression. Though the Plan was earlier conceived in 2013 with an allocated 720 cr budget, It was put on a Fast track By Mid-2015 with enhanced Funding.

The Arunachal Pradesh which has 4 (Ziro, Along, Walong, Mechuka ) fully Operational "Advanced Landing Ground" all upgraded with the State of Art standards, adds another one in Pasighat (today 19th August) to take the count to 5 . The remaining 2 at Tuting and Tawang to follow soon.  

Kiren Rijuju Inaugurating Pasighat ALG

Pasighat ALG Inaugurated by MOS Kiren Rijuju, called it as "Red Letter day" and dedicating the ALG to the Nation. One should credit this man for being Instrumental in seeing the Project "7 ALG" was implemented with such Short time and making sure the Quality standards are maintained. He was flanked by Air Marshal Hari Kumar CIC Eastern Command.

Sukhoi 30MKI touching down at Pasighat ALG
  • The Pasighat ALG is just little over 100 kms from the Border of China Occupied Tibet
  • The touchdown by the Nations Fronline Fighter Jet Sukhoi 30  marked as Inauguration.
  • All "ALG"s will have Night landing capabilities giving boost to Night Ops along the borders
  • ALG will also allow Civilian flights  giving a fillip for easier connectivity and enhance tourism to the uneplored North East of India.
  • ALG has the ability to allow landings of the Giants like C130J super Hercules, Globe Master C17 and AN32.
India Likely to have 2 more such "ALG" in Ladakh region very soon.. More Power to Indian Air Force.

Brahmos Deployment in Arunachal Pradesh  

To defend Arunachal Pradesh and other NE of India from any impending mis-adventure of China, India way back in 2011  gave a go ahead for the 4th Regiment of Brahmos to be deployed in Arunachal. The "Three" already raised "Brahmos" regiment have been deployed in our Western borders to counter any Pakistan threat, This deployment in AP initiated in 2011 is fructified after NDA coming to power fast tracked it. 
  • This Aug 2016 PM  heading the Cabinet Committee cleared this 4th regiment of
    Brahmos at a cost of 4,400 crores to Induct and deploy an Advanced Supersonic Cruise Missile  in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • This Brahmos has "Steep Drive Capabilities" with Trajectory Manoeuvre well suited for Mountain Warfare.
  • Each Brahmos regiment consists 100 Missiles, 5 Autonomous Launchers, Mobile Command Post.
  • The Block III variant or "Steep Drive" has a range of 290 kms and flies at 2.8 Mach ( almost 3 times faster than Sound), 
  • Will it be a deterrent to China?
China mouth piece has condemned India's move  warned that it would bring Counter measures from China and a "Negative Influence" to the "Stability" of  border areas. Indian Army hit out back saying " Our threat perceptions and Security concerns are our own, and how we address these by deploying our assets (Brahmos) on our territory should be no one else's concern".
After a Strong Rebuttal from our Armed Force, China forced to retract its angry stand and urged India to do more to reinforce "Stability and Peace" in the border region and it comes from none other than the Chinese Defence Minister Colonel "Wu Qian". The scale down by China is being interpreted by the Chinese Media as Brahmos is a serious threat to "Tibet and Yunnan".

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