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Oct 1, 2015

Mockery Of War>Calculated Multi Billion Dollar business of Arms sales.

Ronald Reagan Fathered the Taliban to fight against the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan... US spent more than 3$bn on training and equipping them  yet the Same Taliban evovled itself to Al qaeda who hit them in the most Infamous 9/11 terror Attack..After loosing face US went after the Al Qaeda . Reagan hosted Jallaludin Haqqani in the White House.. now again US is hunting the Haqqani Network AF-PAK.

If Ronald Reagan Fathered Taliban/ Al Qaeda not be left behind Obama fathered ISIS..  IS  Funding by US  was revealed after the declassified US Intel report which even stated for every IS recruit US paid $600 .. Another Monster creation by the US.

US West Asia Policy was always on its self Interest.. can add US cares a damn on any Country as long as it serves its own Interest...

Is there any connection in the history that all Major attacks happen in the 11th Month .. 9/11, 26/11, 13/11 > ( Friday the thirteenth) gonna go as darkest day for the French  #ParisAttack

Close to the heels of downing the Russian Jetliner comes this horrible Paris attack where as many as 140 mostly  young ones were killed in multiple suicide attacks and spraying of bullets on the unaware people.

There is absolutely no way to contain this IS as long as US West Asia Policy is dismantled and their Slush Money is stopped financing not only the terror Org but also the Country that harbours the Terror Outfits.

Mockery of War

The Mockery of War .. All most all the heavy weights have landed in Syria .. Though the
Russians for decades supporting the Syrian govt.. they too have jumped into the bandwagon of US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UK, France ,Iran. Hopefully China too is expected to be in the fray before the campaign against so called "ISIS" comes to an end. Not to be left behind Israel will provide Russia with Intel Info about IS sites in syria to facilitate Moscow Operations.

Russia's Jetliner which was brought down by a possible bomb placed in the Cargo killing more than 200 over the Sinai Desert sent shock waves..the bombing to be done by ISIS of Sinai group which acts Independently of the ISIS of Syria.. Whats more in store from these Lunatics... Well US has lot to answer for creating this Monster.

What started as Civilian unrest in 2011 as part of Arab spring has now ended up in 11 million refugees.. Would you believe it Civilian unrest Propelled into Army defection which fueled Mercenaries from neighboring Jordan to stage a coup just to throw a Govt?

No big buff of Assad.. Occupation Iraq and fueling Crisis may be the American Strategy but why Parenthood ISIS?...If Mujaheddin, Al Qaeda, Taliban , Haqqani Networks all were fathered by Ronald Reagon, Obama Hillary Couple fathered IS.. look at the Monster  which has spiraled out of control spreading its tentacles as far as Thailand in the East and in the Verge of breaking the Central Asia barrier.

Bigger Question is What are these 8 Major countries are fighting against.. Though the above Chart shows One common enemy is ISIS but the Faction of the US and Russia have their own agendas.

None is interested in World Peace .. the War is only incidental in a very calculated Multi Billion Dollar business of Arms sales..

This is what Virginia US Senator said

‘If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end’ ..

he adds on Its time US wakes up and ends this slaughter , It is time to stop toppling regimes but some sane voices always go unheard.

Shamelessly the Pentagon has accepted that Most of its truckload of Weapons given to the trained rebels (trained by US Marines) have sold the entire lot to an affiliate of Al Qaeda and this was not the first time nor the last.. 

The same happened in Pakistan when all Supplies to NATO was handed over to Taliban, LeT by ISI..

Though the common Goal to turn ISIS into dust is most welcomed but the Strategy coz of Strategic difference will never get the desired results.
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