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Jul 19, 2016

Turkey's Coup -Theories

Little did Turkish President "Tayyip Erdogan" know on the 12th July while he was enjoying his holiday  near the coastal resort of Marmaris that there is going to be an attempt on his life as well a planned coup to dislodge his Government..

Immediate question, what the hell happened to their Intel Agency (MIT) did they not get any scent? as many as 100 Generals and 1000 of Judges involved.. Lets Rewind When Erdogan took over he feared MIT most and immediately removed in dozens week after week replacing with his own inept handpicked..Resultant MIT employees with Military background fell from 35% to less than 3% as of now! That explains all the efficiency of MIT-Turkey.

Plans.. It was planned that simultaneous attack should be carried 
  1. Take Erdogan out from the hotel in Marmaris 
  2. Seize Vital Installation including Parliament,State Media and also blocking routes and Bridges..
Execution Unmarked Helicopter ..25 Paratroopers descended on the hotel where Erdogan was staying thru ropes only to find that the President has already left for Istanbul..Immediately an SOS was sent to 2 F-16 for a backup action to take away Erdogan Flight (Business Jet owned by Govt) which took off from Dalaman airport. The 2- F16 commandeered by the plotters had the Prez Jet in sight ,harassed the Jet to surrender and even had a radar lock on the  Jet to bring it down ( as per Flight tracker Web sites) . Yet the President landed safely in Istanbul? Questions that beats
  • Did the 2 F-16 fire after locking the Jet in their Radar..
  • Were they buggered out by Prez escort F-16 (2 no's)
  • Was there any other Alien country's Fighters came to his rescue.

Conspiracy doing rounds

  • Initial Suspicion is on the Muslim Cleric Fethullah Gullen who heads the Gullen movement inTurkey and has influence in India,Pakistan,Romania and many Muslim countries... 
  • Americans know forehand on the Coup attempt. Mid Air Refueling used twice not possible w/o an Alert to NATO
  • Saudi Whistle blower known as "Mujtahid' close to the Royal Family says on record that UAE played a role in the Coup and Saudi Arabia was kept in the Loop.
  • Iran Parliament had an Emergency meet after their Intel agency confirmed on Saudi,Qatar involvement in the coup.
  • Russian President Putin was the first Leader to call Erdogan and assured all help.
  • Intel Agencies of Iran,Turkey and Russia by this time would have met as scheduled
  • Putin and Erdogan likely to meet..

Reasons Why SA,US,Qatar need to overthrow "Erdogan"

  1. Russia - Turkey Rapprochement
  2. US failure to push NATO presence in Black Sea as Erdogan is a stumbling block
  3. Kurdish Issue that flares up between Turkey and the other Arab Nations..
For any Successful Coup Apart from taking the Head of the State, his/her Deputy,Media Broadcasters you need Public Support....Alas the Plotters had got nothing on these.

For Successful coup one needs to take a Lesson or two from Pakistan..which never fails in toppling government

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