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Jul 15, 2016

Zakir Naik's IRF - and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation deep bond?

MHA has banned Zakir Naik's run Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) with immediate effect under "UAPA" as unlawful Organistaion with immediate effect for Five years. MHA has concluded that Zakir Naik encouraged and aiding followers to promote on grounds of religion ,disharmony and hatred between different Religious communities.

Two of the Funds received under FCRA  has not been accounted for one a  94 lakhs recd from Dubai and the other 4.6 Cr recd from Saudi Arabia. 

Due to erring Officals in the FCRA despite ongoing Investigations and "Redflag" raised by Intelligence the Online clearance was given resulting in 4 Officals suspended, did Zakir Naik deep pockets managed the renewal? MoS has revoked the renewal. 
  1. Indian Intel Agency has been consistently red flagging on Zakir Naik "Peace TV" and "IRF" ever since 2008.
  2. UPA was too soft as it took only the State Intel of "Maharashtra" giving clean Chits one after the other, the then State of Maharashtra was run by Congress&NCP.
  3. In 2012 when IB presented with hard evidence UPA decides to shut down the "Peace TV".
  4. In 2012 Manish Tewari in Parliament said "Peace TV" is not conducive to the Security environment when many countries including UK and Australia had banned Zakir Nair.
  5. Again in 2013, IB raised issue on IRF on misusing funds for Proselytizing and recruiting Jihadi cell through Preachers,nothing happened coz of Zakir Naik deep Pockets. 
  6. Government stumbled upon a 50l donation to "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" in 2011 founded & headed by Sonia,Rahul&Priyanka also has Manmohan singh on board.
  7. Congress claims to have returned the same after Zakir Naik ran into controversy.

 There's more than it meets the eye..

Congress has lots to answer on the following contentious points..

  1. The above Highlighted in Red, the Intel Inputs to the Congress since 2008 shows "Congress" very much aware of clandestine Operation of Zakir Naik through Peace TV( which was banned in 2012) though IRF untouched. 
  2. UPA which banned "Peace TV" in 2012 for the reason the TV propaganda was a serious threat to conducive environment, shouldn't it have returned the donations?
  3. Congress claims to have recd the 50 lakhs donation from IRF to RGCT (Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust) an extended entity of RGF Whether the funds are misappropriated and misused for converting Black money, through "round tripping","money Laundering".  
  4. Ever Since GOI started investiagtion Congress has said they have returned the same to IRF?
  5. Now it is found that another 25 Lakhs was supposed to be given as donation's to RGF through a hospital...though never materialized congress has lot to answer.  
  6. IRF which is an FCRA registered can transfer money to other NGO which are also FCRA registered, both RGF and RGCT are FCRA registered. What is the necessity for IRF which gets funds from Arab Nations to spread Salafi movement in India need to give donation to the NGO run by the ruling Congress then? 
  7. Check this Interview with Former Police Commissioner of Mumbai to the #TimesOfIndia ‘In 2008, report showed Zakir Naik doing conversions – UPA ignored it … for votes, it diluted India’s strong anti-terror laws’
  8. Even as on date IRF has rebutted the claim of Congress which says that it has returned the said donations, IRF has not received the donations as per their press release.
Congress cannot Just get away by stating they have returned the funds, a thorough probe into the linkage between the IRF and RGF,RGCT is a must to unmask the sinister Fund transfer.

NIA Findings thus Far,,, 
That does not give any respite for Zakir Naik's IRF as NIA has given enough proof of misusing Foreign funds recd under the garb for "Educational Trust"  (violated FCRA) utilizing it for Proselytizing and recruitment of Jihadi Cells. Now Mumbai Police comes with Evidence of Zakir Naik indulging in promoting hatred towards other religion and in promoting extremism. NIA's proof as per the LAW Ministry is more than enough to slap "Terror Charges against the TV Evangelist Zakir Naik" who is on the run!

Zakir Naik on an extended stay away from India has his plate full with NIA digging more on his role in recruitment , some of the findings which could indict him..
  • 5 Members of a Buissness family joins IS > Preacher Haneef taken into custody for further Probe on his role in Influencing them, Haneef, Querishi, Khan the list keep growing on these 2nd lline preachers all of then are connected with Zakir Naik.
  •  Haneef seems to top the list in recruiting 16 so far..  Prodigies of Zakir Naik all are behind bars.. NIA is swooping across to find more on these Zakir's preachers.
  • Many arrested in the Past who were either related in Terror Incidents or picked up for related IS activities were quizzed and more than 50 have confirmed they were influenced by Zakir Naik preaching. Some who have recorded against Zakir Naik are Feroze Deshmukh an ex IRF - Aurangabad Arms haul, Qateel Ahmed Siddiqui- IM, Afsha Zabeen - Recuiter and many more .
  • Recent arrests of  Zakir Naik 2 close aides Arshid Qureshi and Rizwan Khan have revealed that atleast 800 people have been converted using IRF funds
  • 30% of them are Converted Christians.. Out of these 21 left the country and had joined ISIS
  • Another Female from Bihar "Yasim Ahmed" who was arrested before boarding plane to Afghan has spelt beans to NIA stating that she was about to Join IS in the Afghan region joining her husband "Abdul Rashid" already there in Afghan serving IS along with his 1st wife and this Rashid is an ex-employer of IRF, yet again all fingers pointing to Zakir Naik IRF. 
  • That's roughly around 2.3% converted to Islam have taken up Jihad
  • Out of the 21 keralites who joined IS 17 happen to be from nearby 2 villages in Kasargod  and 4 from Pallakad.
  • Adding to the above Govt also working on the Bangladesh angle to present a Water tight case so that Zakir Naik dosent walk out that easily.Home Ministry has confirmed its a perfect case under UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act)

Zakir Nair Proselytizing through TV and Online Preaching is a lucrative business and its Objective's are

  • Increases Islam Establishment and recruitment of Jihadi cells.
  • Alienated segments of the Population to Islam
  • Anti-India, Anti west Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
  • Efforts to recruit allies with similar views ( Communists and Anarchists)
  • Use of Charity to Recruit,Fund the Jihad.  

Online Preaching.. Then called "Master" by AQ now known as "Preacher" by IS  who has mastered the technology in reaching millions across..Many unknown "Preachers" Operates from unheard regions of Somalia,Sudan record their preaching and stream it online from different country mask their Original IP address..and the source of these Sermons bump from one IP to another  giving headache to most Intelligence agency to pinpoint the Origin..

End of Sermons many Enthusiastic Fanatics post their Views and Opinions..that is where the "Trackers" come into play...any comments that subscribe to the Preachers view are tailed both Physically and Digitally and once they are fully satisfied that he/she is up for the Cause of the Islamic War..they are recruited and given Instructions....The Lone Wolf recruitment is one such way that's happening now..

Assuming Low Profile Preacher who has 1 million fanatic followers even if 0.1% take up the Jihadist War .. that's 1000 Lone Wolfs or 1000 Potential Suicide bombers ..That is a huge number for any Intel Agency to keep track..

There are more than 25 Hardcore "Preachers" going online every day.. with Millions and Millions Listening the Preaching who have given up "Moderate" Mosque/Madrasas Preaching..

Added to the Latest Satellite equipped  with all "Ears" on the marked Madrasas many turn to this Online Preaching of Waging War against all who are not proponent of their "Religion" ...

Question that hangs in balance.. Even the best of the Intel Units across the World are yet to come out with concrete solution to this biggest threat...how is the World going to counter..and how is India going to counter with Media showing so much sympathy to these "Terrorists" under the Garb of "PREACHER"?

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