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Jan 2, 2016

Pathankot Attack-US provides proof to NIA,IP addressees of the Handler

29th.August.. US today has handed over the Proof to India's NIA  that the "Pathakot" Terror attack was Orchestrated in Pakistan. These new set of Information contains F/B IP addresses of the Mastermind in Pakistan who were the handlers and the Financial Arms to the JeM operating from Karachi.

  • US confirms the IP address of the JeM handler Kashif Jaan and the mobile number called by the attackers after abducting SP Salwinder Singh  from the Pathakot are same.
  • There was also another call made to Pakistan and its IP address was found to be one "Mullah Dadullah".

Pathankot Attack
Ever since PM Modi visited Lahore, terror threat in Indian soil was imminent. Only the magnitude of the terror was unknown. This has become so predictable whenever a peace talk has been initiated it is followed by attacks.. be it Sharm el sheikh, Ufa or the Lahore.. quiet understandable the disruption of talks stems across the border.

The Strategic Shift of the Terrorist to sneak into India from J&K to Punjab is worrisome.. 

Not long ago when NSA found that Indo-Bangladesh borders were compromised by large scale corruption by BSF  resulting in huge illegal migration, Cattle smuggling and not to forget Terror modules were given a free run.. As many as 46 posts were compromised.

Do we see a Pattern in 500 odd Km's stretch of Punjab-PAK borders which has so many porous entries.. already Punjab witnessing huge amount of Drugs Inflow with ease now the Terror Modules at-least in the last 2 cases have found their way in. The first was Dinanagar and now the Pathankot. Prior to Pathankot attack an SP was kidnapped and was relived of his Vehicle and his mobile phone. Somethings dont add up as they seems to be. Its time again for the NSA to revamp the Punjab BSF and sanitize the vulnerable posts.
Masood Azar

Vulnerable Areas and Posts should come under Electronic/Thermal Surveillance and Laser Walls is the need of the hour. During the Last 2 months as many as 6 ISI moles were arrested in an PAN India ISI mole hunt. One among them was Ranjit Singh of IAF who passed on sensitive Defence Installation(honey trapped giving many sensitive Info to a lady under Psuedo name) operates from POK.. Now Ranjit singh being Interrogated by NIA hold key to many unanswered questions on the #Pathakot attack

The latest attack in the Air force base in Pathankot by JeM headed by Massod Azar has lost its relevance and fighting for its own Identity. Ever since ban on them in 2002 and many of its cadres jumping ship it became Irrelevant even to the ISI. JeM which was once a dreaded Organization is fighting for survival against Hizbul, TeT and LeT even in J&K. As report suggest that JeM is reponsible for Pathankot .. then they are trying to reinvent or revive their Organization to get into the good books of ISI.. What better target than a Military Infrastructure and Pathankot Airbase is most vulnerable given the proximity to the porous Indo Pak borders.

As per many reports the PAK Army and Civilian Govt are on the same page on the Peace talks between the two warring neighbors. 

Unofficial News suggest that ISI had meetings with Hizbul,Let,JeM in POK late December nothing to suggest that they have initiated this attack.. with all probability they would have advised the three groups to hold their horses on any misadventures. Since US is fast on the back of PAK Army to get on to the table and curb the menace else face sanctions, and PAK Army has most to loose than the Civilian govt. 

Thorough probe would reveal If it was a unilateral decision of the Afzal Squad ( module of JeM) to get on to this mis-adventure or there was some support from PAK military establishment.

Yet again a commendable Job by our Armed forces in neutralizing the Terrorists ensuring minimum or no damage to the technical Area of the base. Intelligence agency played a crucial part in anticipating the strike and NSG was there on time to avert any disaster. However we lost 7 brave hearts who sacrificed their Precious lives to save our Land.. Salute to the Martyrs.

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