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Dec 16, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal to address 21 rallies in Punjab - Loss of 130 Cr hence against #Demonetisation

Already 15 of their MLA's are in the dock for various crimes committed during their tenure and are convicted by the Courts and would be Double Whammy for AAP if the 21 MLA's are to be disqualified by EC .

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  1. The Supreme Court on Friday pulled up Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government over tonnes of garbage lying on Delhi streets. 
  2. HC Sets aside Order to Appoint 21 AAP MLA's as Parliamentary Secretary, EC may take cognizance of this verdict and may soon disqualify the said 21 MLA's for violating the "Office of Profit LAW".

Will the Schizophrenic Arvind Kejriwal now blame the courts as well, for being an agent of "Modi"?
Is AAP a Sleaze Party ?
  1. AAP sues its Own MLA Devinder Sherawat, a defamation case has been filed
    against him for his claim that 2 Senior Leaders in Delhi AAP sought Sexual Gratification in exchange of Punjab tickets as well he was suspended from Party's Primary membership. 

  • More embarrassment awaiting for AAP as former Convener of Punjab Unit "Amandeep Kaur"  has claimed that 52 Women workers were sexually exploited out of which one committed suicide, also said she would come out with the rest of the names very shortly. 

    Sl.NoName of the MLACharges
    01Shaarad ChauhanSexual harrasment and abetting Suicide
    02Naresh YadavDesecrating Quran in Punjab
    03Amanatullah Khan Intimidating Women with Rape and Murder
    04Somnath BharthiAttempt to Murder and domestic Violence
    05Dinesh MohaniyaMolestation and Seual harassment
    06Jitendra Singh TomarForgery and Faking Degree Certificates
    07Prakash JarawalMolesting a Woman
    08Comm.Surendar SinghMaking Casteist Inflamatory Remarks
    09Manoj KumarCheating and Land Grabbing
    10Akhilesh TripathiRioting Case
    11Mahendra YadavRioting and Assault Case
    12Jagdeep Singh Charges of Assault
    13Kartar Singh 130cr seized unaccounted Money in IT raid.
    14 Pawan SharmaSentenced to 18 months for causing death due to negligence
    15 Sandeep Kumar Sedated and Raped a Women who came for his help

    AAP in Punjab.
    What was described by many Media that it would be a "Cake Walk for AAP in Punjab" now seems to be an uphill task for the Party. AAP started hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons of its own making. 

    AAP more of a "Drama Company" propped up Media never disappoints in giving "Twists and Turns" making everyone to change their views very often

    Ever Since the seat distribution started for the Punjab "Party with all the Differences within" AAP had its plate full, disenchantment brewing within as "Arvind" was trying to pull all strings from Delhi despite his busy schedule Vipassana,Twitter retweets, Movie reviews and Modi hate views.

    Week in Politics is a Long Period, Look below the Changes that all happened in a span of a Week or two.

    • Arvind rallying against the #Demonetisation raises many a eyebrows on his Intentions against corruption and Blackmoney
    • Especially joining hands with Mamata who is suspected to have a larger role in $200 bn Saradha Scam where 2 of her topmen are behind bars.
    • Is is true that Arvind is so frustruated that the 130 cr part of Funds to be used for Punjab election was seized hence the agitation now,
    • MLA Bijwasan has written to Arvind Kejriwal that "Senior Leaders in Delhi and Punjab are exploiting Women who are seeking AAP tickets" coming days it may shape out to be another Scandal.
    • Rift between Sucha Singh Chotepur and Daljit Singh with National Spokesperson Sanjay Singh supporting Sucha Singh. 
    • Navjot Singh Sidhu finally ditched Arvind AAP and is forming his own front "Awaaz-e-Punjabi" sure to cut into votes of AAP &SAD constituency.
    • Sucha Singh Chotepur virtually split the AAP with 2/3rd of Punjab Zonal heads supporting him who decided to form  a new Party "AAP Punjab" and is now contemplating of merging with newly Formed "Awaaz-e-Punjabi".
    Arvind Kejriwal released 31 Point Manifesto for "Farmers" in Punjab, trying to figure it out why 31 wasnt it odd, hilarious that was coincidental with the following
    Total AAP MLA                                                                                      = 67
    Courts Stayed Appointment of MLA's as Parliamentary Secretary = 21
    Convicted MLA's check at the top of the Post in table                     = 15
    67-21-15                                                                                                     31

    • There are 4 fronts fighting to get the Anti-Incumbency Votes, 1)Congress 2)AAP 3)Aawaz-e-Punjabi. and a possible 4)Split AAP . The below average Governance of SAD-BJP alliance is blessed with so many in the race splitting the disenchanted Voters, which would benefit the Incumbent . Its advantage SAD...

    Read What Markandey Katju got to say

    Message to Punjab: Check out with Delhi, all they got was daily Theatrics, Amusement, Mud sledging, Movie Review and Compulsory Vipassana every year for a Man who has no Portfolio/Responsibility or Accountability. Hope Punjab learns lesson from Delhi and make a smart choice!

    Aug 23 Supreme Court teared into AAP defence counsel and slammed Delhi government for mulling over suggestions in implementing Radio Frequency Identification Device (IRFD) to levy entry cess & toll  tax on commercial Vehicle entering Delhi. Mounting a scathing on the Arvind government "When the whole world follows IRFD why you are not Inclined" added "Be Progressive and not Obstructionist". AAP yet to react..  

    The Latest RTI has revealed in the last one year 58 New Liquor Shops have come up (Only Improvement in Delhi). Another RTI reveals Arvind Kejriwal has never held meetings thus far since assuming Office on Women's Safety or on Law and Order.

    What Delhi deprived of is the tall promises WiFi, CCTv,Colleges,Schools,Jobs,Commando's and Governance, 

    Premier Institutes like IIT can produce Morons like Arvind Kejriwal..
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