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Dec 21, 2015

Arvind is known for his spit and run w/o any substantial basis to back up his claims


Meglomaniac Arvind Kejriwal with Narcissistic personality disorder is yet again with his usual shoot and Scoot allegation made it to the headlines without an Iota of shame. 

He is more known for his spit and run w/o any substantial basis to back up his claims.. the Partial list of his Spits and run are more than his MLA's in the Delhi Assembly..

The Latest Spit from foul throated Arvind Kejriwal is

  1. Tweeting on Adani Austalia deal that happened in 2014 and connecting it to #Demonetixation
  2. Day earlier said he had all the Proof of Capt Amrainder Singh Swiss account and would make it public the next day,,,,hussh silence nothing has come out yet
  3. After a phot op that went bad when crowd denounced his view on the ban of Old Currency he was humiliated by his own people who elected him. This humiliation led to another unsubstantiated piece of White Paper claiming to be from a Tax raid in 2013 in Gujarat at

 Birla group.. an supposedly entry on the Paper (see Pic) that 12crore has been paid to the then CM of Gujarat Mr Modi. Narcissitic Arvind in haste passed a resolution in Delhi Asssembly against the PM for a probe by the Supreme Court. One look at the circled parts explain that the fonts are different and there is no seal and signature of the Office. He might get away with this slander since the law dosent take anything that takes inside the Assembly and he smartly avoided repeating the allegation outside to avoid another charge of defamation.

  •  Recently during the golden Jubilee celebration of Delhi High Court just to take a dig at the Centre claimed he overheard Sr.Judges saying that there Phones are being tapped. Hilarious that Judges Whisper among themselves and our "Cough" man overheard them. 
  • Many a times this Schizophrenic who is in the Constitutional Power as "CM" comes up with many  baseless allegation without substantiating had become a laughing stock. We all know his sheaf of 300 pages charge against Sheila dixit yet to see the light..and he named every damn Politician as corrupt and he is yet to substantiate one Just one. Delhi had seen through him.

  • Not long ago Arvind Kejriwal stated that Modi may stoop low to even get him assassinated!  
Why  is Arvind so Obsessed with the PM, Why does he always want to compare himself with Modi, not a day passes without an adverse remark against Modi. He is fully aware the Stature of Modi is way beyond his, yet trying to equate on any Issue even if it is not related to the PM.   Unable to decipher what exactly is he trying to achieve by comparing himself One way or other with the PM.. 

  • Is he in delusional?
  • Is it the loss of his Personality (Cult) wading, Is he Confused on how to go about leading the Pack of clowns?
  •  Is he agitated that many of his MLA are charged for wrong doings without one MLA or other breaking the LAW and getting rapped by the courts? << Read ..
  • Is it the Anxiety problems on how to win Punjab by hook or crook?
  • OR is his own Donations from unknown source has become mere papers now?
  • Or is he disrupted by his thoughts and Perceptions of the Politics?
  • Why then this Bizarre behavior?

First time in India CM comes up with this Assassination theory and coming from the same Man who made extremely unsavory comments like "Cowards,Psychopath" . Only rational explanation one could arrive if all the above bullet points are true is that he suffers from Schizophrenia .. all he needs is a break from Politics and get himself admitted in any best Mental Asylum..He is undergoing some Vipassana treatment once in a year, think that gives no effect, time he sees a Shrink to get his head examined.

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