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Nov 15, 2015

Lessons for India from #Paris Attack

The Cowardly attack on the Innocents of Paris in a well coordinated Assault by the ISIS left not only France but other Nations Fuming..  

France  did the most stupidest thing of  allowing to re-return of the ISIS indoctrinated youths as a token measure of rehabilitating them. As per reports there were as many as 1500 odd highly Indoctrinated mix of youth and Mercenaries among them..

Jihadis sneaked into Europe as Refugees...

None of the Official reports of the the DGSE (Directorate - General for External Security ) has confirmed Sanitizing these Repatriated  nor the DGSI (DIrectorate - General for Internal Security) has/had tabs on them with consistent surveillance.

However News reports says that DGSI was consistently snooping and keeping tabs on the 2 dead Assailants... then how was this Attack coordinated and executed with so much Precise?

These Fanatics keep Low to beat the Intelligence tabs for months/years together only to resurface once the System takes their eyes of them.

President Hollande was at the Gates of the Stadium when one of the explosion rocked.. well Calculated and a Spectacular attempt.. the message to France was very Loud and Clear from ISIL indoctrinated Assault group...

Hollande not Popular with Domestic Muslims coz of his Policies and the France Intervention in the on going war in Syria/Iraq  said to be the cause of these dastard attack..

Lessons for India..  We have our own share of  Indoctrinated Fanatics in the name of IM added to the Cross border Terrorism..

Reports suggest that Less than 50 Indians had/have been with ISIL mainly helping in Logistics and handful were trained on Warfare..

India has also brought back  some youths who wanted to rehabilitate ( disillusioned with ISIL) back home.. All is not that easy to change Good overnight.. They may resurface with their agenda and strike back where it hurts the country most.

How well India is gonna counter the Sleepers of IS remains to be seen.... The Local Intelligence gathering or keeping tabs on these so called Repatriates rests with the local Cops who are good for nothing in these activities..

Time India stops this Humanity Service of bringing back the so called "Misguided Youths" back home else Crisis and Chaos would be lurking at our every face at any given time.

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