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Aug 30, 2012

Autopsy on CAG and BJP!

Ever since the CAG report was tabled in the Parliament it was only evident that the Monsoon session may well not see the light of the day! What is well known that Congress and Corruption are no two different entity, this Post is not about Congress!

Detailed report on huge loss of 1.86 l crore has to be attributed to Bad Governance, Policy and the Inefficiency of the Screening Committee. This said Committee which is headed by the Coal Secretary also has the Minister for Coals, State Representatives that includes BJP and the Left leaders !

CAG has Indicted  the "Screening Committee" which should actually look into the Planning, Identify the bidders establish their Credentials, check out if they have fudged their books in order to qualify the Prerequisite ( should have been in Mining Business, should not be Associated/related with any Political leaders, Give an undertaking that Coals would not be sold to the Open Market) these are some of the very few Norms out of many Strictures the Screening Committee Profile is!

Alas there was a complete hand in Glove by all three Political Classes the Centre, the Right and the Left cutting across the Ideological difference colluded as one in making for a Big One time Loot of the County's Resources!

The cry of "Resign PM" which is a welcome move should also extend to BJP leaders like
I didnt stop the the loot because there was Consensus for the Scam
  • Nitin Gadkari - who had directly/Indirectly helped his Son to get few blocks, His Friend and Rajya Sabha MP Ajay Sancheti ( SMS Infrastructure) these two closed Ones of Nitin Gadkari has caused a loss in Chattisgarh close to 1,000 Cr! 
  • Raman Singh - Involved with Push Steel,  Prakash Industries (Incidentally Owned by the brother of BJP leader Jai Prakash Agarwal) . These two companies were pushed by heavy recommendations from the BJP quarters. They were also Involved in selling the Coals to the Open Market! ALso doing rounds is Navbarath Miners who came in with BJP blessings! One has to add a foot note that a strong Recommendations for Speedy approval for Push Steel from Motilal Vohra a congress Leader! It Only shows that there was a systematic Collusion between BJP and Congress!
  • It is also alleged that Ravi Shankar Prasad had played a key role in Allocation of Coal Blocks not only in the BJP ruled States but also in Odisha! Naveen Patnaik letter to Ravishankar Prasad for favoring Jindal Steels! One do not not know what are losses Incured individually as a State to give a Cumulative staggering 1.86 L
Apart from the above  Mentioned Companies there are many which never deserved to be invited for such Bidding, they also are found to be front Companies for few BJP leaders apart from Many COngress leaders!

One may conclude the Magnitude of Corruption by BJP  is far less than the COngress, true but that cannot be the basis of an argument! The Yardstick Applied to BS Yedurappa and Reddy brothers also needs to be applied to Nitin Gadkari, Raman Singh,Ravi Shankar Prasad, Naveen Patnaik, Prakash Karat and Ajay Sancheti in equal terms!

Though the above Involvement of the BJP leaders will not hold any Water in the Court of LAW! As the Allocation of the Coal Block lies only with Centre but Morally BJP leaders cannot absolve themselves from these charges!

There was always these "Whispers" that Reddy Brothers were Paying huge Amounts to One of the top BJP leaders which was always rubbished! 

Hardly One could have Point fingers against ABV/LKA but off late and ever since Nitin took over as BJP it seems the Plague of Corruption has reached the doorsteps of the Party!

Handy tool of Congress the "CBI" has already started Investigations on the above Mentioned Firms and Certain BJP leaders! Soon enough BJP might find itself  in a quandry,  already we see them being Isolated in the Parliament unless they straighten up their house, rest is assured that coming back to Power at the Centre would be just another dream!

For the betterment of the BJP Party it is time that they need to Introspect the  Various Scam tainted leaders! One may find a common denominator Nitin (BSY, Raman Singh)  and Sushma ( Reddy brothers)!

Now the Uproar in the Parliament against PM as said earlier is a Good Sign at the Same time leaders involved within BJP should quit Office to Prove their Mettle! Else it just an act of Hippocratic!

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