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Apr 4, 2012

Nerpa a.k.a INS Chakra II- another Asset

What started as an art of fighting by the Germans in the World War I brought in a new methodology called Undersea Boat later to be well know as U- boat, The arsenal of U-Boat both in World War I and II German gave a run to the Brits. There were many instances of the U Boat destroying huge Brit ships and sometimes left them gaping with no answers. Later this technology of U Boat transferred to Austria and then to Russia.

Some of the Gripping Naval Warfare is best described by few Authors like Alistair Mcleean, Jan de Hartog, John Hankins , Forester, Richard Hendrick and the best I could remeber much is from the Alistair Mcleans Bear Island which was more gripping than the Movie.

In a way the U-Boat or the Undersea Boat now the Submarine was  Pioneered by the Germans.The first submarine to be built was in 1850 with various and trial and error method successfully inducted into German Navy in 1890. The first Sale of a submarine was in 1903 to Russia during Russo-Japan War.

The Nerpa (Baikal seal ) K-152 built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur Shipyard at Russia which is being leased  to India for the period of 10 years. It would be solemnised as INS Chakra II. The lease contract is worth $900 million. This Variant of Nerpa a Nuclear Powered Subamarine, India would be the Sixth Country to have a Nucleared Power Submarine in its fleet of ships. This Nerpa falls under the category of Akula II Nuclear -Powered arrack submarine. Akula (Shark) II its a typoon class with ballistic Missile launching capabilities. It is much quiterthan the US Variant Los Angeles CLass.

Features   :                  
Weight        12,770 tons                              
Capacity     73 crew Members                       
Endurance 100 days with full crew           
Speed         30 knots Max                                     
Armed with 4 x 533mm torpedo tubes           
                     4x650mm  torpedo tubes

It now rejoins China, Russia, the US, the UK and France as an operator of underwater nuclear vessels.

This Day 28th of April 2012 The Indian Navy on Friday added more teeth to its war fighting capabilities with the induction of guided missile stealth frigate INS Teg to its inventory. It has been built to meet the specific command and control needs of the Navy for coordinated surface, air, and underwater missions.

The weapons suite of the 125-metre, 4,000-tonne frigate includes the BrahMos surface-to-surface missile system, a surface-to-air missile system, 100 mm medium-range gun, close-in weapon system (CIWS), torpedo tubes, and anti-submarine rockets.

India is also developing its own nuclear-powered submarine which is expected to be ready by the end of this year.
Teg has incorporated innovative stealth technologies to reduce her radar cross-section, infrared and magnetic signatures, as well as radiated underwater noise.

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