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Feb 18, 2012

NCTC- Centre kept in abeyance: Government -Some States Oppose


"Internal security could not be strengthened unless the States and the Centre focussed on sharing intelligence" PM Modi in the  "Inter State Council"  

PM is too right on the said count but without an Act will it serve any Purpose,, There are States for their Political survival and for Appeasement in no certain terms cooperate with Intel sharing.

Dear Prime Minister we need an Act to bring in NCTC!

On the broader perspective NCTC is One step forward in tackling the radical fundamental Terrorism that has crept across the various states of India. The centralized Intelligence mechanism would reduce the time taken in sharing of Intelligence, tracking the Sleepers, penetrating the terror outfits and for better coordination among several Intelligence agencies to fight terror..

Predecessor of NCTC - MAC

The Vajpaye Govt to revamp the Intelligence agencies recommended a stetting up of CTC (Counter terrorism Centre) which would work in liaison with the State Law and Police and it would be another wing of IB. Though it was named MAC (Multi Agency Centre) very similar to the American Model of CTC.


Federal Agency with real time Input with actionable value specifically to counter Terrorism across India,It would serve as an Apex body a single and effective point of control for all counter Terror measures, It Integrates data from RAW,IB,ARC,NTRO,DRDO and DIA . It can be headed by highest serving Officer either from Garud,Marcos or Para with dedicated Ministry.

Rising terrorism in India we need a Centralized and Specialised Institution > NCTC to collate, decipher,analyse Actionable Intel and leads. This would also solve the problem of  lack of Co-ordination within Intelligence Units as well the Special forces those fight against the terrorism .

NATGRID : (National Intelligence Grid) 

  • Integration of the Intelligence Grid connecting the Database of all Security Agency Input 
  • Collect Comprehensive Intelligence Input and can be readily accessible in real time. 
  • Apart from RA&W,IB,CBI there are 7 more Intel Agencies (Related to Finance & Drugs) in India 
Take Away
  • Intra-Turf war within the Intel Agencies
  • Response time in any given Critical Situations
Cost Paid due to lack of  NCTC/NATGRID
  • 26/11 Intel picked up srap of Information on a Possible Boat that potentially
    represented a Terror threat..Before Analyzing the Corroborative Input LeT did the damage!
  • Pathankot Attack.. yet again an Actionable Intel was available..despite the Armed forces were present due to lack of Coordination within Forces and the Local Police as well India drew a flak.

IB Role ?
Intelligence Bureau which would be parent body of the NCTC would have all the rights reserved in tackling the terror issue which includes sharing Intelligence,Arrests under Prevention and do not need any assistance from the Local Police which is responsible for LAw and Order of the State.

But there are counter Narrative against empowering IB is that it does not enjoy working Independently aka Politically biased.

How Will it Work

NCTC should come under the NSA which would close all loops between PMO and HMO , Cabinet Sec.,IB,RAW and other Agencies..

NATGRID and NCTC Integration are critical part though but when conceived India has a Potent Unified Command to Preempt and attempt and foil any Crisis..

Hope the Prime Minister given the Volatile situation we are in makes NCTC/NATGRID a reality sooner than later.