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Jan 5, 2012

Mega Rafael Deal Singed first Govt to Govt, Check the Missile System..

French Minister "Jean Vyes Le Drain" and Manohar Parrikar signed the first ever GOvt to Govt defence deal at a cost of 7.87 Euro billion after prolonged tough negotiations..

The News is this one of the toughest Negotiation any Country had in signing a Defence deal without giving an Inch to the seller (France). France Media and Govt conceded that Modi and his team had really made miserable to the "Negotiators" who tried various Strategies and tactics to have a Win-Win, yet India came out emphatically in the strong Armed Negotiation tactics by simulating a mock talk with Griphen, which pushed panic button on the France "Dassault". This could be the precedence for any-forth coming Defence deal, wherein the Middlemen/Consultant, Kickbacks and Scams are totally eliminated. Some of the Highlights of the deal... follows
  • The deal is estimated to be worth 58,000 crores (Includes Weapon Package

    Rafael Mega Deal

    along with Support Package) for 5 years.
  • The Weapons Package also consists BVR ( Beyond Visual Range) Missiles
  • The Support Package includes Weapons,Simulators,Spares, Maintenance and Logistics Support for Five years. 
  • The plan includes acquiring 36 aircraft, 18 of them in fly-away condition and the rest to be made in India at the Hindustan Aeronautics facility under transfer of technologyRafale & Mirage Dassault Aviation
  • France has agreed to Invest 50% of contract's worth in India's related sectors . 
  • The Offset deal was clinched and Dassault has already started reaching to the Indian companies Involved In Defence and Security for a Possible "Make In India" Partnership
  • GOI made sure that advanced agreement clause is put away since it was a Govt to Govt deal.
  • The deal is almost through once the Finance Ministry clears the "Agreement in Principle" and sent to France.
Dassault is one of the most Lethal Fifth Generation Stealth Fighters.  Dassault Rafale is a multi role jet Fighter, It  features an advanced avionics suite; which includes several passive sensor systems. The add on Radar can be upgraded with latest versions ie RBE2 AA Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar is planned to replace the existing passively scanned array of the RBE2

Dassault is all out to set Production center for Rafael Fighters as well as low Cost Executive Jet apart from sharing Vital technology in the Indigenous Tejas Project under "Make in India".  However It is unclear If the deal Includes "The Missile Package" The MICA (Missile Interceptor and Aerial Combat) 
Maneuvering & Chaffs dispersions  Tech details on Missiles

MICA an Anti Air Multi target short and Medium Range with all weather capabilities.
It has 2 Variants  MICA RF and MICA IR, both has the ability to filter out Counter Measured by enemy decoy flares and Chaff (Counter measures in spreading cloud of small thin pieces of aluminium,fibers,plastics as a clusters as a secondary targets to distract the Incoming missile. MICA is also fitted  with Thrust Vector system which helps in locking targets even it they are in outside acquisition range. MICA can be used as SAM (Surface to Air Missile).Analysis on F-35 (Indian Defence)


  1. Should have finalised a decade back. Present ND is fast in clinching deals without middlemen. Great

  2. True, Red tape Bureaucracy, added to Kickback Scandals , Paralysis of the then Govt..all together delayed.. as you hv said its better to have Govt to Govt deal w/o middlemen in any deal..