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Dec 30, 2011

"Vicious,Dangerous,Criminal minded Sonia"

Ma Baker was the Mother of Several Criminals with a reputation of ruthless crime "Matriach" (Female head of the Family) and Organized her Son's crimes. She was the most Vicious,Dangerous,Criminal mind..  Ma Baker Encyclopedia

Isn't the above story so familiar back home in India.. Ma Baker of India ..Sonia!

The Enforcement Directorate has registered money Laundering case for alleged Kickback of USD 5.7 million in the Embraer deal Scam against Vipin Khanna an NRI Arms Dealer close to the 10 Janpath.

The Defunct National Herald is all set to resume publications, Neelabh Mishra has been appointed as its Chief-in-editor with Immediate effect. The Publication all set to resume in both English and Hindi daily Newspapers. Oops comes in when the Delhi court few days back issued Notice to Sonia,Rahul at the backdrop of Swamy's plea check below 

Jump below to see various Scams of Sonia.

THE PRESENT  Sin > Sonia is being haunted this time "National Herald Case" wherein she Cheated in Acquisition of AJL by Young India Limited as worth crores of Assets transferred to YIL. Not to forget both Sonia and Rahul are the Major stake holders in the YIL. 
Swamy persistently taking up the case despite not much support coming in from the Expected quarters. Sole Objective of the NH is its Malacious Criminal Intent to usurp the Profit gain and Assets worth more than 2000 crores is rocking her once more.. 

This is the first time Sonia is directly implicated ( atleast as of now) in any scam, that dosen't mean she did not have her hand in the till in any previous countless scams.

Rahul in Chennai thoughtlessly stated he would rather go to Jail than opt for bail though that was for the camera's this day decided to go in for bail than Jail.. as their battery of Lawyers going into courts with Bail bonds.. Though this is Bailable Offence how well Congress uses this to garner sympathy remains to be seen.. 

Delhi Metropolitan Courts (Aug 27th) on a fresh plea submitted by Subramaniam Swamy  seeking certain Documents from AJL has Ordered Sonia,Rahul,Vohra,Fernancez, Suman Dubey and Sam Pitroda to respond  in written replies within 2 weeks.  The Documents required by Swamy are
  • Loan Documents given by Congress to AJL
  • Documents from the Registrar of Companies(ROC) which were filed by AJL
  • Authorisation of the AJL members to borrow monies in excess of the Paid up Capital
  • Relevant extraccts of AJL Book of Accounts.
  • Documents by which Loan was converted into Shares in the book of AJL
  • Documents from Congress Loan to AJL in which year it was written off

Glimpse Of Alva's Book on Sonia In the book “Courage and Commitment”, an account of her chequered political life, Margaret Alva exposes Sonia..

The Past Scams of Sonia when at helm. 

CBI  without wasting much time dutifully booked few Night fly Companies and charged even one of the Congress MP in the Coalgate Scam! And India is made to believe that Indeed Congress is looking at the right kinda of solution to the windfall Gains made by behind the Scene People! All these diversionary tactics using CBI as a tool will not be bought anymore! Gone were the days when people of India and Opposition were Ignorant enough on the Farce Investigations by the CBI! Excepting a handful of case many High end case were either smeared or pushed under the Carpet! Lets see how the CBI has been tweaked also not to forget even before it was asked to kneel it crawled before Congress AKA Sonia!

  1.  Manohar Parrikar sought a CBI probe into the allegations of kickbacks in the 2008 Embraer aircraft deal.
  2. It started with Bofors -  CBI quickly  got into act of covering and it did so not only to Protect Rajeev Gandhi more importantly Sonia who had been pulling strings on her husband. Her connection with  Ottavo Quattrochi was more than just a relationship. After the demise of Rajiv she made sure that CBI did a quick burial to all criminal cases against Ottava, which is all too well documented. You might be surprised that Congress (read Sonia) spent more than 160 crores (including travel, bribery, paying off Foreign Govt) on CBI to do so. This clearly indicates the that Sonia had more than moral obligation to Quattrochi for not appearing before the Indian Court. 
  3. Incidentally after Bofors there were Information flowing on, billions stashed in Swiss and Clayman Island! Also one of the authenticated info suggests that Rahul was the youngest to have a secret account in Swiss! Some kinda record?
  4. CWG Scam-  Pity that Media could not explore much beyond Suresh Kalmadi, and that is more than enough for the CBI which does not even want to probe Sheila leave alone Robert Vadra (SIL of Sonia), Sheila and Robert had a huge role in the scandal! Robert must be the quickest to become a billionaire without any Concrete and Profitable business!
  5. 2G- We did see again the Corporates and among them is Reliance which has a long history with Sonia family, not surprisingly except the coalition partners none behind the scene who orchestrated huge loss to the exchequer was even investigated! The Magnitude of the scam shocked the Nation but not the Congress, Sonia or the CBI. Fortunately The Judiciary is one Pillar that she is yet to lay her hands on ! If not the Judiciary she would have had free run!
  6.  Close to 2-G It was Coalscam! Though on the periphery none of the scams points to Sonia at the first Instance if only we had an unbiased Investigations done we could be certain that Sonia would have had a hand on all the above!
  7. Congress downplayed land acquisition by Rajiv  Gandhi Charitable in Haryana . The High Court Ordered all relevant records and its details and slamming the trust in bending the rules in acquiring lands.  The same scam is also taking place in Gurgaon and in Ilawas village. The Trust members are Sonia,Rahul and Priyanka.There are more than 100 NGO's that are being  operated under Sonia and her family but little do they reach the needy. c 
She only has the name "Gandhi" only to  cash on that name to gain legitimization in Indian Politics. Her endorsement to India was wildly criticized when she refused to give up dual citizenship. 
Congress contribution to India !  Indira G gave us Rajeev G ===>  1 G

                                                    RaJeev G gave Sonia    G==== >1 G
         Sonia G gave us Rahul G, Priyanka G, 2 G, 3 G, CWG====>5 G and counting!

She had never sacrificed before but she would dare to Sacrifice India for her cause.

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